'Bacteria' - A new puzzle game from the creators of 'Energy Balance' and 'Energy Cycle'. This game is based on the rules of the cellular automaton ‘Life’ devised by John Horton Conway in 1970. In 'Bacteria' you have a square game field that is in some form of a stable state. You need to add in a certain number of cells so that, after a few steps, the field will be halted (in colored mode) or even cleared (in "hard" black & white mode). You could draw in single points, or use standard 'Life' patterns like "Gliders" (they move at an angle) and "Lightweight spaceships (LWSS)" (they move in a straight line). Depending on the difficulty level, the player can use a smaller area to add new cells.

Spezifische Informationen zum Release (specific information to the release)
Indie, Gelegenheit, 2016, 476 MB (1 CD), Metascore: -, Userscore: -, YouTube

The Complete Edition includes:
* Bacteria (main game)
* Collector's Edition Content,
* Soundtrack

The game is updated to v1.01.

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